Finbloc granted access to Microsoft OpenAI service

Leveraging advanced AI capabilities of OpenAI

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May 25, 2023

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Finbloc Team


LONDON, UK - MAY 26, 2023 - Finbloc Ltd., a  provider of fintech solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been granted access to the Azure OpenAI Service. This pivotal development follows a rigorous application process, reflecting Finbloc's compliance with Azure's requirements for its AI services.

The Azure OpenAI Service, provided by Microsoft, allows for advanced AI functionality within an enterprise framework. It offers comprehensive access to its groundbreaking text, code, and DALL·E 2 text-to-image models. The approval process evaluates potential scenarios, their impact, and whether the use of the application is limited to internal users, among other factors.

"We are excited to be among the exclusive set of companies that have gained access to the Azure OpenAI Service," said Matthew Jackson, CEO of Finbloc Ltd. "This approval testifies to our commitment to ethical and responsible AI usage, and the capabilities of our team in maintaining the standards set by Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service."

With this approval, Finbloc Ltd. is set to integrate the advanced AI capabilities of the Azure OpenAI Service into its systems, enhancing its services while maintaining an internal-only use policy, ensuring privacy and security for its clients.