Finbloc motivates and supports people to make better financial decisions by presenting information within their physical space.

Our optimised spatial application allows users to intuitively navigate and discover their best financial solutions.

The Initial Features

We are launching in Spring 2024 with the following features:

Transaction Analysis

Replay and review your past spending


Discover insights from your
own financial behaviour


Connect to Open Banking for an overview of your financial state


Budget by Category, track and plan your expenditure


Review your financial performance and goals


User experience

Exciting UX design with panoramic AR fully enriches the user experience

Intuitive interaction

Gestural control combined with our AI Assistant make it intuitive to interact with financial interfaces

Better engagement

AR environments and Spatial visualisation enhance the connection between users and their financial data

Advanced analysis

AI and ML algorithms enable customised analysis for individual users


We protect your data with extensive security measures, including end-to-end TLS encryption

200+ connections

We support connections to the majority of UK Banks via. Open Banking